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The Village of Harristown Independent School District's mission is to provide the highest quality education by creating life-long learners through comprehensive academic, athletic, cultural, and extra-curricular opportunities for the children of our community.

The Village of Harristown ISD's vision is to partner with the community, is a stable, safe and caring “hometown” learning environment that focuses on the changing needs of our students and achieves educational excellence.


Sangamon Valley Primary School
1095 N. Meridian St.
Harristown, Illinois 62537
(217) 963-2621
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Sangamon Valley Intermediate School
341 Matilda St.
Illiopolis, Illinois 62539
(217) 486-7521
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Sangamon Valley Middle School
341 Matilda St.
Illiopolis, Illinois 62539
(217) 486-2241
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Sangamon Valley High School
398 N. Illinois St.
Niantic, Illinois 62551
(217) 668-2392
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